September 18, 2006


Welcome to my new blog! Will you make friendship with me? Lol...

"Waah Ramesh Babu... Naya blog... Naya address... Naya post... badhiya hai!"

Ok, today's quota for sad jokes is over. People who were about to flee, please don't. I can already see the readers dwindling. I'm pretty sure that in perhaps two months, I'll have to wrap up this blog and go back to ol' MSN Spaces.

Which brings us to the question of why this blog exists at all.

1. Telling people that your blog is on "MSN Spaces" is just too... downmarket.
2. MSN Spaces don't work about 56.47% of the time anyway.
3. Blogspot looks great.
4. When you migrate from MSN Spaces to Blogspot, you feel as if all these years, you were publishing a local tabloid on yellow tissue paper, and now, suddenly, you're running a high-end fashion magazine on glossy paper.
5. You've got backup for all those times when MSN Spaces just inexplicably crashes.

Most of my readers (matlab pals whom I bribe and threaten to read my blog) are on my MSN list and will be too lazy to read this. (Unless if I offer them extra chocolates or something.) The MSN Space will continue to exist, of course.

How I tackle the posting - i.e. whether I post the same stuff on both, or different stuff, or selective stuff, is something that I haven't yet decided. But rest assured, no matter how I do it, posts on both blogs will be 89% crap.

So that's all for today. People with suggestions regarding what you'd like to see, please write in to me. I won't take your advice, but what the heck, you'll feel good about giving it.