March 31, 2007

News Snippets

Would recommend everyone read Barkha Dutt's column in Hindustan Times today on the whole reservation issue. Yeah, I know, the issue's been done to death, but this particular column is great.

(Opens in a new window... apparently my 12th standard education wasn't a complete waste!)

Meanwhile, our state, along with Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala, has banned sex education on the grounds of "It is against Indian values." So Indian values apparently mean that 13-year-olds can continue visiting "sites" and getting misleading information from 14-year-olds, but will not be allowed to get correct and important information from a reliable source. Interesting.

[Do also read the entry below this one, it was posted just yesterday and I don't want it to suffer on the present one's account. :) ]


Dilshad said...

that was the best column I have ever read....I wish to god I could meet this woman ! She's got so much to say ! wow !

Anonymous said...

wowie !! wowie !!
wow x 100000000000000000


Asterix said...

Banning sex-ed is yet another case of biting the hands that feeds us. The next natural step is deleting Kamasutra from Indian history.

Sandeep said...

You write wonderfully well.. as for the comment by asterix, i think the matter presented for sex-ed was never in question.. its just the manner in which it is fed to the students tht is controversial.. so deleting Kamasutra wont b needed (btw its a really good book, do read it)