May 29, 2007

Yet Another Random Post - Will The Menace Never Cease?

May 29 (almost): If you're sleep-deprived, tired and a normal human being, at close to midnight you'd probably be asleep. But if you're sleep-deprived, tired and me, at close to midnight you'd be writing a blog of no consequence to any person in the world, without a topic and without any sense of direction.

CPT (i.e. CA entrance to those untouched by such horrors) results are expected on Friday. The damn exam took place on May 6th, with an Eco paper and a Quant paper that made me feel like tying the paper-setter to a stake and burning him slowly. But just in case you're reading this, uncle, that's all crap, I only pander to my audience of 4 people, and in fact I greatly respect you and admire you. (Just as a suggestion, if you can play hookey with the computer that checks my paper, it'd be wonderful.)

On the positive side, no CA exam for the next 2 years. Read: 2 blissful years of appearing only for college sem exams. And we care as much about those as Bush cares about the President of Malawi. (Nahi bhai, I'm not racist. Nowadays you can't take a step without someone labelling you something.)

And I know I ought to blog about news now. Looking through my past posts, I think it's been a ages since I wrote about anything that actually makes a difference. (Cynical Thought For the Day - Does anything make a difference? Ponder.) Will do so soon. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, I say to all and sundry - subscribe to Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes by email. Thou shalt not regret it.

Also check out - the official Umang blog. (Yeah, what's my blog for, if not to promote people and items as and when I wish?) Write in, people, write in. Or send photos etc. Just remember, plagiarism will be punished. Be afraid. Be very afraid. *Evil laugh*

And to all, good night and good luck. W.r.t. Friday, as A. R. Rehman famously says, "Pray For Me, Brother."


Asterix said...

Best of luck for the exam results! I hope to read some meaningful posts from you after that :p Just kidding! :)

Nitish said...

DUDE return me back the last 5 minutes and 23 seconds of my life and i swear on captain planet i will post a comment on every post of yours ( "Post" is the word of the day)

Btw today i heard some Malhar guys talking in the bus..and DUDE they've got some really nice you better start promoting that site of yours on other's blogs too..

Best of luck for Umang and your results..You'll pass right ?? cos i need Umang passes..


Bleue said...

Arey thoda chill..
I want Calvin & Hobbes too!
Gimme link!
The 'news'..aanh..*ponders*
Reach for Moo-re!! yeaay!

..& Ill pray for you, sister..
Good luck! :)

Cheers \m/, (+.+) ,\m/

Vandana said...

Good luck with exam results :-)
Also, don't rely on "blissful" yrs.. college yrs can be the best and/or the worst.. but never blissful..

aditi said...

oyee...where do you subscribe calvin and hobbes yaar...temme..and how come you dont give any CA exam for the next 2 years? this is saraasar na insaafii...(dont know how though) ...keep updating your blog yaa..and oftener (even though thats not a word)

Tweety said...

Good luck !!! Your results must be out by now !!

Lets hope.. Gods in His Heaven and all's right with your world :)


indiegurl said...

Please, can I link you?Huh?

*puppydog eyes*