September 07, 2007

I Hate Writing

I hate writing.

I hate writing because it never seems complete, a process that doesn't stop when you put the pen down.

I hate writing because it occupies my mind, my thoughts, my world whenever I write even a paragraph.

I hate writing for the words that swim in my head, elusive, backing away, vague.

I hate writing because every word, every sentence, very paragraph has me obsessed.

I hate writing because I know that nothing matches it. I hate writing because I hate this feeling, this "knowing".

I hate writing for the unfinished thoughts, the broken sentences, the words that never seem quite perfect when I create them.

I hate writing for the mood swings it inevitably brings with it - the excitement, the disgust, the despair, the apprehension, the conflict.

I hate writing for the dark, vast ocean of things you can do with it, and for the choice you must make to choose a single way.

I hate writing for the power it single-handedly wields over the mind.

I hate it.


Written in a rare dark mood. I think I'm getting old.


aditi said...

hmm..whatever you say mu, i love your writing :) so do !

Bleue said...

You're so good at doing something you hate so much; imagine what you could do once you start loving it, soul sistah..

Keep hating; don't stop!
Cheers. Keedas. Peace

Nitish said...


Pratz said...

watever...first of all welcome back to blogging...its good to read ur stuff again....even if it is written in a dark no matter how much u hate it...keep writing and keep blogging...
*Muddu Fan*

Janak Bathiya said...

Hmmm.... nice work....