September 04, 2007

Update - Yet Another Random Entry to Prove I'm Alive

I'm back after a break of nearly 3 months. Nothing much to say, except: please watch "Mona Lisa Smile" if you haven't already. (Yeah, I know, I seem to be specialising in entries that are more like random snippets of conversation and don't even deserve comments, but I'm past help.) Brilliant movie.

The rest, later. If there ever is another entry. I seem to be facing writer's block of a peculiar kind - nothing seems important enough to blog about. (And then again, considering I've blogged about absolute random crap in the best, this shouldn't be happening.) So until I actually feel like writing... blah.


Asterix said...

Haven't seen the movie, but Julia Roberts manages to turn me off in each of her movies! For the life of me, I can't appreciate the so-called million watt smile of hers :(

Anyhoo, good to have you back! Let the insanity resume. Just take the last few days' newspapers and I am sure you will find enough fodder to blog about.

dilshad said...

umm wats so good about mona lisa smile...????

besides ofcourse a good star cast..?

indiegurl said...

Tell me, don't you think mona lisa smile and dead poets society are thematically almost exactly the same?

I dont care either way, I love both movies; even so.