November 28, 2007

Yes, The Easiest Way Out of Writing Original Stuff is Recommending Stuff That's Wayyyyyy Better.


Why I love Aamir Khan:

A column that reminded me of English, August so much that I just had to put it up here:

And to all those slaving away to become "auditors":

Clarification: Links to the right are those that are great, but that are expected to be consistently great and hence get replaced by themselves week on week (Eg. Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, once in a while Karan Thapar and Shashi Tharoor). Links here are the ones I love, with no continuity factor.


Asterix said...

Speaking of auditing, someone should audit your blog one of these days. You are getting away without posting anything!!

aditi said... your entry ka title