December 28, 2007

Happy New Year, And All That


This is the post where I recount the last year, look forward to the next, say what I will do and what I won't, explain why last year rocked/sucked, expound on why next year should be different, and all that jazz. Frankly, all that really happens is that a date changes. Ha ha ha.

But then, I figured, this could be fun. I don't make "New Year's Resolutions" because I realised (at the tender age of 8) that I have a habit of breaking them on January 2nd. And by now, my resolutions - if I had any - would look like this:
- Work instead of pretending to work
- Study instead of pretending to study
- Be nicer
- Eat more
- Sleep less
- Learn to "party" (just realised how horribly geeky that sounded)
- Stop wasting time on MSN
- Stop wasting time on blog(s)

All in all, rather depressing. So I don't make those resolutions. Just writing them here hypothetically makes me pity my own life, and that's not a feeling that I feel often or want to feel often. QED. (Okay, add "Stop talking like Humphrey" to that list of resolutions.)

But what I will do is make a list of things I learnt in 2007.

1. 99% of the populace my age does not know why it's doing what it's doing. We drift into something that we're not particularly passionate about or averse to, stick to it because, hell, we got in, and finish it because, hell, we stuck to it. Some of us find, on the way, that it's not really that bad. Others can't stand it and need to find their way.

2. The more intelligent and creative you are, the more confused you are. No, really. Because nothing on the conventional side can hold your attention long enough, and there's too much on the unconventional side that you'd like to experiment with.

3. There's a lot more to every person than you'd think. You can never really know what they have in them until you give them a chance.

4. Being sundered across cities does not come in the way of giggly, crazy, idiotic, rock-like, thought-provoking, telepathic friendships.

5. There are a lot of smokers and boozers and dopers in this world.

6. Girls analyse too much. We read too much into every goddam thing on this planet, and we need to stop, pronto.

7. Life is strange, death is bizarre. And a type of bizarre that hurts badly, even if it concerns someone else and not you.

8. Some of the people I know are incredibly brave.

More later, maybe. Meanwhile, a very happy new year to everyone in advance. Don't drink and drive. :)



aditi said...

hehe..good make me laugh mudraaa... always. agreements are there, with points 1-7. and please couldnt you NOT sleep on new years eve...even if its not a big deal and just hurts..its a dhabba on the name of new years eve..stay up till 12 atleast..and its not just a date changing...i think a lot can sorta..let go of the bad stuff that happened in the past year and all...i think new years is awesome.

Bleue said...

Huhaah! Yea TRY sticking to those *resolutions* But cmon! Its not just a change of calendar. Its time to trash out the old bad stuff & ring in the new sparkling stuff. Funny i just said that..*yawn*

Oh yes, ur gonna 'Stop wasting time on MSN. Stop wasting time on blog(s)' & Im gonna be reincarnated as Princess pf the Elves in Lalaland..

Pt #1: Agreed
Pt #2: You got it bang on! Such a smart way of blaming my situation for my 'intelligence & creativity' Thanks. :P

Idiotic telepathic friendship - are you thinking what Im thinking?

Yea we gotta stop analysing & who do you know who dopes/boozes/fags? :O

Life is strange, death is bizarre. And a type of bizarre that hurts badly, even if it concerns someone else and not you. - Muddu Mehta 2007 (well said)

Cheers! ..& ring in the new sparkling stuff! :D

Asterix said...

Sorry for the absence of comments for some time! I was busy working (if you can believe that!) I hope you had an awesome new year.

~Abhi said...

So true!! So very true! Too true to be true! :)

Loved your blog. Especially the entires under the label 'random' :)