December 16, 2007

Ischool Ke Tem Pe, Aana Gori Daeym Pe...


*TV Reality Show voice* Ab agar "Tic tic tic" South ki shaan hai toh "Ischool ke tem pe" North ka noor hai. Preeeeee-senting... the one and only... "Ischool Ke Tem Pe"!

And if you think it's not worth your while to watch this, my heart grieves for you, for you know not what you miss.

Part Altaf Raja, part loud dandiya track, and a whole new meaning to diction.

This is also the song that, Shoumeli says, was banned in Jharkhand because, apparently, it encouraged truancy. *snigger* I am not suprised.

Oh, did I mention? Please find me the school that has high red heels as part of its uniform. Please.

PS - Lau letter...! Yes, completely.

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Asterix said...

I see that you have started enjoying the niceties of life :) All part of growing up!