April 05, 2008


In a jeep, he would smile and argue with himself, you can do nothing about your
mind or your future, not until the journey is over. In a moving jeep he was not
vexed by the onus of thought. Later in the year he would like being a BDO for
much the same reason; the job entailed long jeep journeys in which he would be
at rest, watching the miles pass - village boys on a tree, a hut of a post
office, the sky amber at sundown - while his mind roamed, when he would dread
the end of the road because then again he would no longer be free.

- English, August

Yeah, that more or less expresses why I love long drives.



Bleue said...

How Id love run away (drive away actually..but I cant drive yet, so..) in a car - with my music & some books. Run away from it all..

Anonymous said...

Driving down marine drive, breeze in my face, music in my head... :o)
It's the kind of freedom nothing else can give!
English,August...Rahul Bose!:D:D
Waiting for more...
Kanika (Cant access my msn blog link thing...)

aditi said...

wtf...now i wanna go for one..and i cant..screw you mudra!
lol.but yea..good stuff..

arjunzi said...

we DID agree a long time ago that english, august just WAS that good. and yeah, been a while since i went on a long drive.... cant tell you enough about how cool it was in goa man!! cheers ! neat entry!

Asterix said...

ooooh! English August! I hope someday I will be old enough to read and understand it ;-)