April 24, 2008

Shotgun Speaks Up


"Yahaan pe cheerleaders hai, ladkiyan hai.. lady commentators hai.. in sab se cricket ka kya lena dena..?"

- Shatrugan Sinha

To be fair to him, I suppose he didn't know what he was saying. But the bit about lady commentators is, really, a little too much... :D

Shahid Afridi makes a lot more sense when he says
"Cheerleaders in skimpy clothes must be removed from the cricket ground because they distract the batsmen."

At least this guy is being frank. :D

In other news, no sex education for Maharashtra. I totally support this. We are Indians, and ignorance is the birthright of our children, yesno?



Asterix said...

Set Max's coverage of the match is pathetic to say the least. And scantily clad cheerleaders constitute a significant problem. Forget the batsmen, even the spectators forget the score! :)

Pratz said...

Lolz...the sarcasm returns..."ignorance is our birthright"...indeed [:P]

Truly said...even the spectators forget the score [:P]