May 28, 2008

In a Single Day:


1. A cab driver in Sion who goes straight down a road, circles a junction, takes another road, then scratches his head, turns behind and asks me, "Arre lekin King's Circle kidhar hai?" Then, he blames me for not knowing.

2. An auto wallah who slows down with a confused look, to ask "Kidhar?" and when I tell him, says, "Arre magar gaadi kharab hai..." and drives off. I find most indecisive auto drivers immensely funny. Most of them slow down but never quite stop, preferring to rattle past at 15 kmph. When you say where you want to go, they first almost nod and almost stop, then have some kind of internal conflict, and start shaking their heads slowly. On a parallel note, what I can't understand is how someone who is driving a three-wheeler little metal thing on the road and falling apart all the time, can still think he is so cool. Because most auto drivers do! But then, I guess, that's not really restricted to them, the principle applies to the entire male species, yesno? (More on auto-drivers later.)

3. An organisation (one of the biggest in the world) that has those distortion mirrors installed at every intersection of corridors in its office, so that you can see who's coming towards the same point from the right turn. Their motto, apparently, is safety of their employees. This motto also includes many, many other hilarious cases, but the one I found the best was this sign stuck to the main doors to the loos: "Please knock before you enter." Really? Why would someone do that? Is it a bedroom, and am I about to stumble upon people changing their clothes in the middle of a normal working day? Or must I respect the sink's privacy?



Pratz said...

Lolz...indecisive auto drivers are indeed immensely funny...I encounter some everyday

ess said...

How can auto drivers not be cool? I've seen autos with Chevrolet and Dodge stickers on them. Maybe they think they own muscle cars. they certainly drive like that, though :D

Rithesh said...

Good Writing - Good Blog.


Peru said...

Ah distortion mirrors just takes the whole 'we keep our employees safe' thing too far. Then again, this is not in you scope of audit.
Autowaalas are quirky to say the least but hey, they probably are the last people any Mumbaikar ought to be grumbling about. I just dont get the (larger than) life-size Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan..blah), Rani, Kareena, (supposedly) hot-chick pics on the sides of the insides of an auto though.. Like they're supposed to be sitting there with us? Beats me..

Cheers! And thoda try putting the meter down for a taxi-waala before he gets his hand to the meter, ya know, while he agrees to take you to King Circle or 'Mudra ke ghar'. I love doing it!