June 18, 2008

The Difference Between Girls and Guys (to me)


You know how you drift apart from old friends, and then think about them once in a while, and go, "The magic is all gone..." Then, one day, you bump into them somewhere - at the station, at the bus stop, in class, or even online - and you discover it's all still there. And it's still as crazy and still as much fun.

And there are old friends who you miss a lot, and who you want to talk to all the time. And when you finally DO talk, it's formal, it's perfunctory, it's "So, what's new?" "Oh, nothing much... you?" "Nothing really." Or it's (worse still) "You seeing anyone?" "Nope... you?" "No... *silence* What else?" Zoop. There it goes. It's gone.

And I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but the first type consists of a lot many more guy friends, and the second type, a lot many more girl friends. Or is it just me? Seriously, am I the only one who is seeing a sudden distinction between girls and guys in the way they've changed (or not changed, for the guys) over the years? There's something blissfully uncomplicated, stupid, immature, fun and just so... straightforward about guy friends. God bless them all.

And God bless the couple of girl friends who more than balance the many, many, many girls who've changed (evolved, or so they think) and with whom there's no connection any more. Oh well, I'm probably biased.


PS- If the title misled some people, I'm very sorry to have disappointed you :D


Anonymous said...

welcome back; how was hibernation?

Ani said...

I'm guessing brains.
Yeah, definitely brains.

Asterix said...

the first type consists of a lot many more guy friends, and the second type, a lot many more girl friends

Same here :)
And yes, I was highly disappointed on finding out that the title and the post were not correlated. I was expecting a biology lesson (with illustrations) X-(

Parijat said...

At first I thought it was because you were a girl. By extension, I should find it more fun to talk to girls. Turns out that's not true. Guys are easier and more fun to talk to. Except some rare girls. Some very rare girls :)

burf said...

this reminds me, i need to find more of my old girl classmates ;) back to online search again... :D

Jhayu said...

Yeah, actually it's the other way round for me. The girls, I can talk to. The guys, it's just gone.

Oh, and if I may ask, where'd the idea for the post come from? (You really should know why a self-centred prick such as myself is asking this question.)

Mudra said...

@ani: C'mon, don't degrade your own sex.

@jayant: I met an old (guy) friend recently... no, it wasn't you. Is that what you meant by "You really should know why a self-centred prick such as myself is asking this question"?

Peru said...

Ah I couldn't agree less. Though I don't have many old guy friends, the ones I do have & am not in constant touch with fit in category I. God bless indeed!
And the vela girl friends like you & Shetkari compensate for some ol' pals who have 'evolved'. Jeeyo!
*Zoop* Hehe.. That was funny!
ab Mudra-ji ka blog, Dolby Digital sound ke saath!

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

PS: MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra MuddUra, MuddUUUUUra..

shruuuuuuuu said...

so bloody true...but at the same time dont you feel that this silence even though it exists, the fact that it exists says something...its the kind of silence youd want over the distance and detachment...its the silence youd want over betrayal or broken trust...atleast i would...
to me the silence doesnt create hesitance or distance, maybe its just an unsaid connection that doesnt need explanation..what say...