September 24, 2008

Happy (2nd) Birthday to Blog


Just realised this blog has been around for more than 2 years now. How? Much like your relative, I have this strong urge to say, Arre-dekho-Munnu-kitna-bada-ho-gaya!!

[ I'd assumed I'd give up in a few months out of boredom. But the thing about blogging is, it's such a perfect remedy for all the people with no lives -people who are bored, narcissistic, self-absorbed, and under-performers in their actual field of study/work (yes, I am all of those, and more)- that it's impossible to quit. What to do? Much like a bad relationship, this blog survives solely because it's a habit, and once in a blue moon, it has its good moments. (Deep, no? :P) ]

Yes, I realise this is a dumbass entry and thanks to all the new sidebars which update themselves automatically, this blog will show up for no reason. As a concession, no one will be blackmailed and bribed into commenting this time round.

Spread the joy.



Asterix said...


I too had assumed that I would give up (and I sorta have), but I am in this uneasy marriage only because of the kid!

Keep blogging

ess said...

Not only have you not given up blogging, you've also created a blogging clique. Says a lot about how "bored, narcissistic, self-absorbed, and under-performers in our actual field of study/work" we all are

Many happy returns, mudra :)

Toe Knee said...

Happy Birthday RAH

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu.
It's not "Arre munnu kitna bada h gaya."

It's "Arre MUDUU kitna bada ho gaya!!!!"

Pratz said...

@ Muduu

Happiiiiieee (Yeah I know I have mispelled....Now dont get this comment that rhymed and didn't make much sense either :P) random birthday to the random and happy blog ... keep up with the sarcasm and all...

@ Jayant

Lolz...that was perfect...arey muduu toh sach mein bada ho gaya !!! "

Mudra said...

@Rahul, ess, toe knee: Thank you :)

@Jhayu, Pratik: Just you wait.

Over Rated said...

Ah!! Your blog is now as experienced as Sarah Palin. Way to go!!!

p.s. I meant it as a complement.

Plus, you're doing a heckuva job.

indiegurl said...

aww le! Whattay cuteness! ;-)

Elucidations said...

Of course :) And congratulations :)

Asterix said...

@jhayu: Right on. It seems only yesterday when "Muddu" was in her diapers. Wait, that *was* yesterday!!


Mudra said...

@Overrated: Thank you, and thanks for clarifying the Sarah Palin reference. :D

@Divya: *baby blog blubbers and beams*

@Elucidations: Thanks. :)

@Rahul: Uncle, everyone doesn't become an infant just because you're a senior citizen and can't differentiate between children and teenagers. :P