September 09, 2008

Social Servant? Here's what you can do.

Be Blind, To Serve The Blind.

I really want to meet the person who wrote that. Maybe it actually makes sense in some way.



Peru said...
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Peru said...

Where? How? Why (was I not there too)?
..& just how exactly does it actually make sense?

Anonymous said...

oh then you're not thinking what I'm thinking.

sigh. I have a dirty mind.

Shrey said...

Yes. Why do you say it makes sense?

P.S: Why dont you just disallow anonymous comments?

Anonymous said...

arrey simple a gandhari to serve the dhritarashtra types ;-P

Anonymous said...

arrey simple a gandhari to serve the dhritarashtra types ;-P

Pratz said... exactly it makes sense..

Ani said...

OMG! I La*c*!

Mudra said...

@peru: You were right there! Umang Day 2, outside the xerox centre... No, wait, you were on a call. Ask Payment.

@shrey, pratik: You know, you could dance with your eyes shut (or with blindfolds)... and I'm assuming the proceeds of this event would go to a charity for the blind.

PS- Anon comments? Dunno. They're a good crash course in psychology. :)

Asterix said...

Previous post had a "blind date" double entendre. Methinks you have a fixation with the blind. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

If the person who wrote that fundoo line is a guy, he deserves a tight slap. If it's a girl, she deserves a date with me. That is punishment enough.


PS: Get rid of word verification!!

Mudra said...

@Rahul: Ha ha ha. To imitate me really well, you'd have to belong to this generation.

Pratz said...

lolz...innovative this is...[:P]...blind folded dance and all

Avinash said...

1 Lakh! For dance cum fashion show!!!
1st impression!! Sadly im a little too late...else if you are talkin abt dance and fashion..the peti was minee!!!

Anonymous said...

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