September 09, 2008


We sit at the same table,
They told me you were wonderful,
That I'd love you from the first moment.
And I wonder now, "Do they even know me?"

Something's missing.
You're not exactly hot, but that'd be fine
If you stimulated my mind.
The ones before you did... and how.
You're too mild... almost nondescript.
There's no... what's the word?
There's no character to you.
And I hate to be trivial, but... the way you smell!
Horrifyingly wrong.

I try to be polite.
I can't just walk away.
But I've had a bad day,
And this is really not helping.

I look around furtively,
Suddenly, I realise, there are many like us,
Many like us, sitting right here.
I wonder what's going through their minds.
Do they find this as insipid as I do?

I focus on you again,
And I sigh.
I just can't go through with this.

On an impulse,
I turn around.
I've tried enough to like you
And it's impossible.
I yell out to the waiter,
"Arre boss, coffee mein bilkul dum nahi hai!"


I know I write terrible poetry. But that doesn't stop me. :) I was forced to write poetry at Malhar recently after a gap of over a year, and I had a lot of fun. So maybe there'll be another section now for Attempts at Poetry.

And people who've read my other blog for very long now (just Peru, I think) will know that this is very very similar to another poem I wrote. Apparently only coffee brings out the bad poetry in my soul.

Also, question open for all - was this one really predictable or is that just my imagination?



curlyconman said...
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Jhayu said...

If it means anything, dear Muduu, I did not see that coming from you. But me likey. Me likey lots.

??! said...

I was going for speed-dating.

And it is nice.

Peru said...

Did not see that coming dahling! You bring back fond memories of coffee personification; if you remember the unforgettable: jabhi koi coffee dekhoon mera dil deewaana bole, au lait au lait au lait, au lait lait au lait..

Oh you must write more poetry. Look at me.. Shamelessly write & demand compliments..umm..comments ;)

Get inspired :)

Except for - you're good, kults! :D

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

Shrey said...

Very nice, but I did see it coming. Maybe coz even I've read the doosra blog. What was the poem you wrote for Malhar?
and yes Prerna.. 'jab bhi koi coffee dekhun' ;) :) Seriously, those were the days!

Anuj Gosalia said...

What a kick-ass last line!
Nice. Very Nice.

Anuj Gosalia said...

@ Peru - Au lait au lait.... LMAO.... incredible!

Mudra said...

@jhayu, ??!, peru, anuj: Thank you! :D

@shrey: It was an epitaph of a man who is thought to be dead but returns... "should be highly unconventional" in their words.

Asterix said...

Haha! Pretty good. I did not see it coming or going. For a moment I thought that you were on a blind date for a change!! Foolish me. How could you? Mr Akhtar is still around in the sub-cockle area of your heart.

Par boss, good poem!
*Pat on the back.


Mudra said...

@rahul: Thank you. And just FYI, while Mr Akhtar is still around in the sub-cockle area of my heart, I don't see why that should stop me. :P

PS- Decaf? Really?

Avinash said...

Hmmm...An anticlimax with bad coffee, Mudra and frustration...well God save the waiter! May he not crack any PJ, lest he shall be slapped!! Haha!

~crazymms~ said...

nice post !! i like the coffee twist, brings a grin....