October 01, 2008

How To Buy Bags


The Guy Way:
Think of the number of things your bag has to hold, then go and buy a bag that would accommodate those with some room left over.

The Girl Way:
Buy a bag of any size. Put all your stuff into it. Usually, 2 things can happen:
a. It's too small
b. It's too big
(Note: If it's just the right size, something has to be wrong - colour, pattern, texture, style, strap - and because of this it will be rejected.)

If it's too small, you can carry around only the things you can't do without. To figure out the things you can't do without is a torturous process so you prefer going back to Step 1 and buying a new bag.

If it's too big, you find enough things to fill it up with. Like an umbrella in October. Or books you don't intend to read. Eventually, your bag is populated with things you don't really need, but now you have some weird psychological dependence on their presence around you. You feel incomplete without them. Simultaneously, you're also getting a major ache in the shoulder. So you steel yourself, and go back to Step 1 and buy a new bag.

In all fairness, I think everyone reading this should agree on one thing:
While the guy way is the sensible way to do it, the girl way gives infinitely greater joy to the bag-possessor.


Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a light post. And before comment trolls come and say it, yes, I am stereotyping, and it's obviously not necessary that this applies to the universe at large.



Avantika A. said...

As a bag-freak, i have to agree on the idea of the whole process of looking for that right bag can be a lot of fun.
Though i must go one step more in the stereotyping and along with guys and girls, you have the Bimbo buying bags - a bag that will only hold one comb, one cell phone and a tiny wallet (if that). It is also shiny, sparkly and has a child sized strap. It tends to be heavier than the girl holding it and is often characterised by several glittery, over sized (often pink coloured) key chains hanging from one side.

a traveller... said...

I tend to buy really big bags - because I have a lot of stuff to carry. Like, a lot.

I occasionally decide to buy a smaller bag because, well let's face it, my huge one isn't the most professional-looking thing when I go to work or to visit clients. But then nothing fits in!

And while the family may mock the big bags being purchased, you don't see them cribbing when it's my bag carrying all their bits and pieces and pretty much everything when we go out!

Pratz said...

yup the guy way is sensible indeed

Jhayu said...

While I could bring myself to believe that the process of bag-hunting is fun, I really don't see how having a near-useless bag makes you happier.

And yes, I'm here.

Over Rated said...

I was going to put on my Freudian hat and ask "What is the bag really a metaphor for?" .... but then I realized that we aren't really from the cast of Ally McBeal ....

I never said I make any sense ...

Keetarp Aidonak said...

A guy's bag is usually bigger than needed, so a girl asks him, 'What all do you carry in it?'
A girl's bag is teensy, so the guy asks, 'You manage to get all your stuff in *that*??'

araYan said...

yea! i think it's really working!
your post gives me definite proof that my SRP's are working..

the last bag i bought - was a li'l too big. only so that i could fit in extra belts and perfumes, aaand the previous bag i bought (which, incidentally, was too tiny).

[Ps. SRP=Sex Reassignment Pills]

Asterix said...

I thought the girl's way was:
1) Buy a gay bag
2) Stuff all kinds of girlie stuff
3) Make the guy carry it.

Or am I stereotyping as well ;-) ?