October 23, 2008

Short Post, So What?


The easiest way to make a guy do something he doesn't want to do -
"Kyu, teri phat rahi hai kya?" (Inadequate translation: You're scared?)

Also note:
- The number of times this question is asked is directly proportional to the number of guys in a group
- The number of times this question is asked is directly proportional to the stupidity of the action being contemplated by said group

And while the phrase is Indian, I'm sure the sentiment is not. Worldwide, men have done, are doing and will do stupid things because they're provoked by, let's say, the English, or the French, or the Mandarin version of "Kyu, teri phat rahi hai kya?"

Half the wars in the world started because one guy went berserk, and the other guy had people who, instead of giving him ideas on peaceful settlements, were asking him, "Kyu, teri phat rahi hai kya?"

A lot of men gambled, smoked, did drugs and got drunk because someone was asking them, "Kyu, teri phat rahi hai kya?"

A lot of men cheated on their wives because they started asking themselves, "Kyu, teri phat rahi hai kya?"


PS - What are your happy foods?
(Happy food = Food, the sight/smell of which alone is enough to make you happy. It gives you a sense of fulfilment, a sense of peace, and an enormous appetite.)

Mine are... Idli, aloo poha, cornflakes, corn toast and sandwiches. [Discussing what food I like on the World Wide Web. As you see, this blog is finally going the senile way.]

Anyway, coming back, what are your happy foods? Is my generation still crazy about pizza, or am I middle-aged?


PPS- All posts with the tag "It's a Gender Thing" are nothing more than light fun. I will poke fun at women too. Be good children and behave yourselves.


??! said...

Better translation - Are you shitting your pants?

Reva Garde said...

Umm...lets see...they would have to be,in no particular order, idlis, oranges, olives, chocolate and fish.

Ani said...

Mine would have to be Poha too. But sometimes The rasam that my grandma makes.

And yeah, It is rather nice to point out that so significantly. and yes, It does work wonders, that line, that provocation.

Jhayu said...

Actually, that line rarely ever works on me, because my response is generally something to the tune of *in embarrassingly high pitch and tone* "YEEEES!" = P

That display of my masculinity aside, the smell of chocolate and Hajmola (separate entities, not together) tends to throw me overboard.

Yes, I said Hajmola. I have some issues. Move on in life.

indiegurl said...

happy food = curd rice. Cold cold yogurt and nice fat slightly sticky southie rice. YUMYUMYUM.

I am sorry to say the phat-rahi-hai-kya line has an 80pc success rate on me. What to say? I am easily provoked. sigh..

Peru said...

The line has been effective, indeed *smirks*. However now that the secret is out, I doubt it will work anymore.

Happy food = anything that I manage to prepare from scratch, (especially during study leave, at 3.30 pm of a dead bored afternoon, alone in the kitchen) which is generally cold coffee. Then there is any mithai, raw veggies & a favourite - Maggi with grated cheese & chilly sauce (or ketchup/chutney/everything)

Pratz said...

interesting...the former part of the article...

aditi said...

chocolate.. nuts or milk..any form except dark basically. yea i'm still crazy about pizza ! i love corn toast and sandwiches.. nice tasting salads. arre so much ya.. long list.
yea..the 'teri phat rahi hai kya?'
really works..it's awesome :)

Bubbly Vodka said...

Lol. I love the phrase from DCH - Mard ban. Be a man. Same effect.

Happy food. Depends on the mood really. Cereal. Chole. Bhel.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...
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Spruhal said...

Ya that 'Teri phat gayi hai, kya?' really works. But unfortunately only with doing stupid things.

Ask that to a guy contemplating giving only one group in Final CA. 'Kyon teri phat gayi hai kya?'

The answer - a resounding YESS!!!

P.S. - Unfortunately all I can think about these days is CA.

Over Rated said...

I was going to leave a comment earlier ... but sadly ... meri phat gayi!! ... (insert smiley) ...

Asterix said...

Happy foods: Paneer, Curd/Raita, Pasta with Cheese Sauce, Urad ki daal, Poha.

Didn't comment earlier because I thought I already did!! Meri phati nahi thi!

Dreamcatcher said...

Well staying true to my roots, I'd have to say its fish and rice, though rice, ghee and mashed potatoes come close. Chocolate, ice cream, paanipuri, chaat. Depends really.

Avinash said...

So true. What's with the male ego man?? It's not even secretive!!

Well food...Schezuan fried rice, ghar ka garam garam kaanda bhaji and adrak chai (Oh how i miss home *sob*), Cheese Pav Bhaji from Amar Juice Centre (Oh how i miss Mumbai *sob*)..and since i don wanna *sob* more i will not think about my happy food unless im in Mumbai....!!!

Keetarp Aidonak said...

you should use this line to get more comments on your posts.

"Comment daal.


Kyun, teri phat rahi hai kya?"


Sushant said...

what a highly politically biased group we have here- all vegetarians and feminists :P........go grab a steak and spread some chauvanism, or i'll have to report this blog as discriminatory.

p.s. the only reason our (your, given my advanced age) generation is still crazy about pizza is thanks to the fact that the advent of the pizza as an item of fastfood was much later in our country than in the west. However, being exposed to western entertainment, news etc. i can understand why the question arises in the first place.

p.p.s i like ur near-accurate identification of male psycho-social behavioural tendencies, despite not being one of them. perhaps we could make this a recurrent topic on ur blog, for my entertainment?

Anonymous said...

Was ur PPS"- All posts with the tag "It's a Gender Thing" a........od children and behave yourselves." it for provocking comments!! :)

BTW I am reading ur posts since long time now.. Loved them..