November 20, 2008

Coming Back Only To Say...


...that The Gender Analyzer (try it on your blog!) says

"We think is written by a man (83%)."

52%, I could live with. 64%, I could still convince myself. 75% would strain every nerve but I might just retain my equanimity. But 83%?! Gives me the feeling that I ought to be waking up and writing 6-line posts on beer, football, cricket and Salma Hayek.


PS 1- This entry was published, deleted and now published again. Apologies to Ani, the sole commenter the first time round - I think your comment is lost in cyberspace. And to the rest of you - my blog and I have hit a rough patch in our relationship. Bear with us while we get some counselling. In the meanwhile, for cheap mindless entertainment, there's always India TV, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Himesh Reshammiya...

PS 2- MS Office 2007 rocks.

PS 3- When we're sleeeeepy... Coffee will keep us alive... (Damn all projects. I'd forgotten what a pain they were. But like so many other painful things, they've been reintroduced to me courtesy the Insti.)

PS 4- My blog layout is kinda screwed up. This is the only template I like, and it allows widgets just on one side.

PS 5-
My PSes just got longer than the post. Also, Ani boy, your comment's still here!


Ani said...

The Gender Analyzer is wrong!

Oh. Wow.

and hahahahaha to the Hayek bit, I suppose it would be weird more than, uh. Appropriate.

Jhayu said...

So I got "We guess is written by a man (53%), however it's quite gender neutral."

I'm guessing a lot of people I know would agree.

I had intended to put this on the original post, but I couldn't; gee, I wonder why... Anyhoo, today, the program has changed it's mind. Now, I'm 62% male. Yipee! I'm getting there!!

This makes my new profile picture very relevant. = )

Spruhal said...

Read the ITT paper thing. Seems more like a CAT paper. You first see the answers then read the question.

Oh and I think that the gender analyser did not understand your feelings for Farhan. (Or did it think you were gay???).

arjunzi said...

We think is written by a man (84%).


Avantika A. said...

Regd: PS 4 - i empthise about the lopsided template layout. I've been looking for better columns online, but either they're all pink flowery blech or i need to know html codes to use them properly. Sigh.
Do you know a way of transfering everything lock stock and barrel to wordpress?

Peru said...

"We have strong indicators that is written by a man (97%)"

97%. Hello? I did not know I had managed to come this far in the cyberspace sex-change process.. Apparently, I already do write a lot about Salma Hayek/Monica Belucci on my blog.

You know whats better than havin' MS'07? Havin' an MS'07 flicked by a pal from an ITT PC. Over like, 5 months ago at that! *smirks* It rules! You do realise we're very geeky, yes?

Jabhi koi coffee dekhun mer dil deewaana lait au lait aulait..

Cheers. Keedas. Peace.

aditi said...

lol..arre blog na..

Ani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ani said...

Oop, sorry about the earlier one.

haha! I've got my hands on a miracle :P

We have strong indicators that is written by a man (99%).

Mudra said...

@Spruhal: I think it doesn't recognise Farhan Akhtar. What to do? That's why we need an Indian version of this.

@Avantika: You can set up a Wordpress account and import everything (except pictures, I think). I almost did it once.

@Peru: Yes, we're geeky. It what we should be, and it's what we are. Every human has a place in the social order, this is ours and I'm proud of it! The Geek Shall Inherit The World.

@Ani: You mean that a website that says you're male is a miracle? :D Why?

Asterix said...

@rahul: My blog is "82% male" i.e. 1% less male than you! Naheeeeeen!!
From now on, all my posts will be about pondi-giri, cricket, scatology and nose digging.

Tazeen said...

I am 69 per cent male and I cannot live with even that.

Over Rated said...

I like MS Office 2007 too. I don't know why people were so resistant to it.

c'mon. If we like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, India TV, or that nasal voice in a cap, we wouldn't be coming here, would we ... :P ...

p.s. I'm not so sure about Jhayu ....

Ani said...

Haha not just because of that, because it says my blog has been named 99% male, when yours (among several others I'm sure) are unlike so :P

ess said...

It says there's a 70% likelihood that my blog is written by a woman.

Guess that program they're using screws up both ways :(