February 28, 2009



Every time I read portions of The Namesake, what blows me away the most is that it's written so effortlessly in present tense.

I'm on a Jhumpa Lahiri OD... again. I really need to find new authors.

And to all and sundry, please read books before they're made into movies. That way, you're buying them when they still haven't had beautiful cover designs replaced by film shots.

Anyone care to talk about how the books-vs-movies thing affects you? Even when the movies are really well-made, I feel a faint sense of being cheated, because now I won't ever be able to visualise the book the way I did before I watched the movie. Right from what a character looks like to what a situation feels like - it's made so tangible and visible by a movie that it takes away the depth to some degree. The answer should be to not watch them at all, of course, but curiosity is a powerful thing.


February 18, 2009

Why I Love My College

...Because people do this to notices:

(Pardon my lousy censoring.)

...And because advertisements like these are found randomly lying on canteen tables:

(Wouldn't you kill to be part of movies such as these?!)

Images courtesy: Prerna Lalwani, Apurva Chaudhari (that's her hand :D), me.

Yes, it's fun to be in college all day. Even if it is to study in the "liabrary". One sneaks into neighbouring colleges gleefully, rejects their coffee disdainfully (?), and eats gluttonously.

Added later: When in the neighbouring college, one sees that there's an extra floor marked with "P" between floors 2 and 3, and the conversation proceeds thus:
Me: What's P for?
Peru: Dunno. Umm...
Me: Paune-teen?
Yes. Every once in a while, I can compete with the worst of the PJ Kings.

"And may I add, one barges into their 'P' floor, makes friends with the liftman & calls the coffee man a pervert, sits on the footpath & bitches about JCs with waxed chests, whistles at boys, tries to break into the terrace, buys 7 coloured pens.. Oh good God this list is unending. I'll miss this gravely.."
- Prerna Lalwani, partner-in-crime, in the comments section. I love her comment enough to put it here. Go, Peru!
[Er, I mean she said it in the comments section and she's the partner-in-crime (among others) in college.]

February 16, 2009

I Blog Therefore I Am


To those of you who have not seen Dev D yet (and who don't have issues with cussing/substance abuse/other stuff on screen)... Please do.

To those who would rather see Billu (Barber) than Dev D, please don't.

To those who wouldn't see either, keep your halo safe.

To all, I hope you're all well and are coming back to this blog forlornly, saying, "Why no new post? I want new post. I'm dying to read."

To those about to take exams, all the best and may you survive.

To those frustrated with work, grin and bear it. Recession hai, you oughta be thankful you still have jobs.

To those frustrated with neither exams nor work, if you exist, please leave a comment.


No, that's all. Really. Now go read something that makes sense. :)