February 16, 2009

I Blog Therefore I Am


To those of you who have not seen Dev D yet (and who don't have issues with cussing/substance abuse/other stuff on screen)... Please do.

To those who would rather see Billu (Barber) than Dev D, please don't.

To those who wouldn't see either, keep your halo safe.

To all, I hope you're all well and are coming back to this blog forlornly, saying, "Why no new post? I want new post. I'm dying to read."

To those about to take exams, all the best and may you survive.

To those frustrated with work, grin and bear it. Recession hai, you oughta be thankful you still have jobs.

To those frustrated with neither exams nor work, if you exist, please leave a comment.


No, that's all. Really. Now go read something that makes sense. :)


Abhi said...

So, basically, you don't expect any comments this time, since the only instruction which involves commenting, is for those not frustrated with exams or work, which won't be any.

But then, I aint too unhappy with my work :) Hence the comment. :D

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I exist.

Jhayu said...

= ) Me likey! Do this more often! Otherwise I think you've abandoned us OOCBC people.

Anuj Gosalia said...

I exist!

??! said...

Erm Abhi, that category - though rare - does exist.

Although we keep very quiet about it*, for fear that the rest of the world will gang up and lynch us for having the temerity to be thus.

* Random shouts of 'I love my job' in secluded areas do not count.

indiegurl said...

now this is just cheating.

Anonymous said...

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum. I think I think, therefore I think I am!

Ani said...

Present :P

Asterix said...

I exist.

PS: DevD was 15 mins too long.

Anonymous said...

You can write absolutely any crap, N yet be funny.....

Or is it just that reading anything that does not have section numbers seems entertaining these days?

I dont know - but its good.

Peru said...

Hehe. Kahaa-aan chali gayi hai saali khushi? (aiyya hoo, aiyya hoo..)

Now lets go beat up all those who are not frustrated about anything. Or actually no, lets give peace a chance. At least they left comments :D

Instead, chal coffee ke liye.. :D