March 01, 2009

I Don't Post So Often But...

...This astounds me. Highlight of the article:
Recently, the government also asked the education department to start distribution of uniforms to students of Std I to IV. The uniforms are for Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Jain and Parsi students studying in government-approved all aided/non-aided primary schools.

Someone tell me it's a typo. Or a mistake. Or that the person who took the decision was stoned when he signed, but thankfully some babu (who miraculously happened to be around and not asleep) noticed and got it cancelled.

It's blindingly obvious to anyone who lives in Bombay or India that purely from an economic perspective, Parsis, Jains and Sikhs are much likelier to have the money (or their own charities to fund them) to buy uniforms as compared to Hindus.

Politically incorrect? How politically correct is what the State Government is doing? Screw politically correct, what about ethically correct?

What I really want to know is if they can come up with a reason for this. Help me out on this one. How do you justify this? Hindus are the majority, and we have budgetary constraints, so we'll just cover the minorities? Or the famous we-must-protect-our-minorities line? Or have reservations been extended to minorities sometime recently while the nation was sleeping?

No, I'm not a VHP person. I'm not even one of those people who shouts, "Hindus are the true minorities now!" from the rooftops, because I don't believe that. Yes, minorities have been discriminated against in the past. But we're talking uniforms and money here, aren't we? And anyone in this country will readily admit, poverty hits everyone. Except Shah Rukh Khan.

At times like these, you begin to wonder if there's really any difference. Which party is in power, who the CM is, who the Education Minister is, which idiots make up the Legislative Assembly. It's all the same dirty politics, isn't it? Religion-based bribes to the parents of little kids by scumbag politicians who wouldn't be doing this if they even understood what education means.



Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...


Anonymous said...

i popped up here via India Uncut... !

these ad-hoc measures will only forge a sharper line between the so-called majority and minority communities. today, they'll support the minorities. tomorrow, another party will stand up and vouch for hindu communities, and gain power. then the pendulum will swing all-over again.

anyone notice that this is exactly how communal strife had dissected the erstwhile bharat? anyone notice that arbitrary sops only nurture demands for more? anyone notice that india is no longer a secular nation? anyone notice that the nation is living a lie?

anyone notice that i put too many question marks?

koel said...

u r right, the wtfness of this boggles one's mind. now we are teaching kids as young as 5-6 year old the difference religion makes?! Bravo the Indian govt. for coming up with some more amazingly asinine ideas for the "betterment" of the country.

Asterix said...

Sigh! Doesn't boggle my mind any more. Half the nation is out celebrating "India Shining" and the not-shining ones are fall prey to petty politics.

Ankit Doshi said...

They keep contesting...they keep winning. India is an evolving culture, evolving democracy.
Most people in the cyberspace really do live in bubbles. No offense to anyone but try visiting villages , try speaking to people from slums. It's not always illiteracy of the electorate that leads to such people(dirty politics kind) being elected as representatives. People across the length and breadth of India are not as naive as we think. They have strong reasons to select or reject people. They may not appeal to you or seem right but they have a bloody good reason to do what they do from their position in the society economically and socially.
The power is with the electorate. You don't like people , vote them out. If no good person wants to stand for elections or enter politics - then you deserve what you get.

i also think reservations and special benefits being given matter so much to us because of the culture of elitism which has been encouraged since ancient times. people will fight over why reservations in IIMs/IITs rather than focusing on opening 100+ institutions of IIM/IIT quality so that reservations don't matter. Rather than focusing on overall economic development so that no class is disadvantaged people want certain sections to stay poor so that they can be cheap labour or even slaves.
In the end you get what you deserve wherever you are, whichever field you are in. Coz if you think you don't deserve it than you will fight back.

indiegurl said...

sorry, not related to admittedly serious topic of blogpost, but "time wasted enjoying is not time wasted", i'm pretty sure, was by bertrand russell. :)

of course, it may also be by the person who is credited for such, in your TFTW. But bertrand russell said it first is my point.

lemondrop said...

minority republic, child. you're the same one from AVM yes?

Mudra said...

@lemondrop: Yes... And you?

lemondrop said...

my brother was in your class. but i'm not allowed to tell you this [or post on your blog] so i'm just going to conveniently [for me anyway] leave his name out.