March 16, 2009

This is not a post


This is an update, to tell you that I'm trying (hard, very hard) to cut down on internet time.

*points forcefully with grim expression, like Sansani's anchor* Which means that you suffer.

I will try to follow a Sunday-ke-Sunday routine with the internet. Peru does it, and does it well, and I'm inspired.

I will comment on all your blogs, hopefully, next weekend.

I will check your emails, hopefully, next weekend.

I will reply to all your wall posts, hopefully, next weekend.

I will reply to all the notes, status messages, and every-other-piece-of-addictive-Facebook-crap, hopefully, next weekend.

Yes, I now may not reply to comments on my blog. Yes, I am trying hard not to blog at all. Yes, I'm advising you to not comment on this post because, really, there's nothing to comment about.

Until then, I leave you with a generic comment for all your blogs:
"Awesome post!! Brilliant work!!"

No, really, I do love all the blogs on my sidebar. :) May your tribe increase.


Oh, and the picture for the week:

Maybe this auto is jointly owned by SRK and Amitabh Bachchan?


arayans said...

i could copy your post. verbatim.
"trying hard not to blog at all."
will thoroughly miss those doses of coffee, bullshit, nonsense, more bullshit, news and pidgeons. and all the remaining bullshit too.

Manasi Soni said...

There you go!

That'll be one toblerone,thank you very much :)

Peru said...

I had 99 Notifications today! (online after 8 days baby. Woohoo!)

Yes yes, check out my Status Message next Sunday :D

We shall endure.

riddhi said...

:P I have exams round the corner.. and reading this post is like "urgent to-do list" but this blogging bug is too powerful..sorry for leaving a comment.. who doesn't mind chocolates u see!!..