August 07, 2009

Bits Of Hatred - Instalment #3. Pseudo-bookworms. (And, well, it's a random post as usual so there's some other crap also to read.)

I read Kim's post on books and it's got me thinking. My own reading habits are pretty much going downhill. Tragedies, I can't stand. Horror, I abhor. Philosophy makes me puke. Hardcore romance I've always avoided anyway.

Which, really, leaves me with Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, a couple of classics, a few Somerset Maugham short stories... and, well, the standard Christies and Wodehouses and 'Yes Ministers' and Douglas Adams and so on, but that's different.

Don't ask me what happened in the last Jeff Archer or John Grisham I read. I won't remember. And believe me, with all the authors I've just mentioned, once you've read enough of each, every piece of fiction seems pretty much same as the other.

Why, then, is popular fiction so... popular? To draw a (horrible) parallel - they're like David Dhawan movies. Sab same hai, you can laugh once and waste time without getting emotionally or mentally involved, and walk out feeling like it was worth the cheap price. (Note to everyone - buy these second-hand. [I would say pirated, but that's unethical, y'know? Bad people do that. *hides her books*])

And while I'm on books (this was a point that actually occurred to me while reading the post I linked), and well, as usual, I get lost in my own train of thought and come where I'm supposed to later and...

Ah the point is - know those people who make a parade of being "voracious" readers? I. Can't. Stand. Them. (Mainly because of their attitude. And at this tiny level because "voracious" is such a ridiculous word, really.)

Buy books. Don't break away from a group of friends to go into a bookshop because you want "this book on Tao philosophy, you know, like, it's supposed to be, like amazing?!"

Don't announce loudly to everyone that you'll "just be back in a minute" and then spend an hour in there deliberately making it look like you can't tear yourself away. When we come in, we find you stuck on stationery. (Hey, I'm all for stationery, don't get me wrong. Just say you want purple pens. I like 'em too.)

Don't bring books into random conversations that have nothing to do with them. Don't lie about what you're reading / want to read / have read. Sooner or later, someone will figure out.

Don't announce every book you begin to read. You're going to lose steam halfway through, and on my bitchier days, I will make sure I ask you, "So, you finished that book you started 2 months back?"

Do not recommend a book that is bullshit but sounds *fundoo*. Someone will pick it up some day and curse you and your pathetic taste.

If you ask me to recommend something, and I ask you what kind of stuff you like usually - please, please, please do not say "Arre everything yaar." Books aren't dessert.

Aunts who will ask me what their kids *should* read -I've talked about this before- will you please leave them alone? When I was a kid, I took instructions from no one and read whatever came my way. It's simple, really. Goosebumps if they want, Sweet Valley High if they want (both absolutely disgusting series', but who am I to say?) Nothing if they want. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Get it? Nothinggggg. It's better if little Pappu grows up reading Bombay Times and likes you for it, than if he reads Thomas Carlyle and hates you -and me- for it.

(By the way, I believe the good old Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew and what-not are being replaced by these stupid American high-school romances and bully-stories. Oh, and golliwogs in Blyton are considered racist. WTF moments like these make me feel very very old. Such is life. Take me into a Scholastic exhibition and I will cry. [Scholastic, I love you guys - you gave me money and all - but your selection... *shudder*]).

I realise this post is more about my intolerance than anything else. But then, intolerance is what our world is based on, so I'm allowed to add my two bits, am I not? Thank you.


No, I don't know when I'll post again.


No, I don't think you should watch Love Aaj Kal.


No, I don't really mourn for Michael Jackson.


Yes, I do think Obama stole the campaign chants from Bob the Builder. (Bo-o-o-ob the Builder - Yes, We Cannn!)


Please feel free to rant in the comments section. (Not that I need to tell you lot that now.)


PS - How many of you think a move to Wordpress is a good idea? How many of you love this blog (with its BS posts and lame colour scheme) too much to let go and will cry into your pillow every night if I move?


Anonymous said...

Instead of updating the post u have posted the same one again, i i think its time to move on to wordpress... :) ..just saying that because i have my blog there and it is nice blogsite..waise I dont know much about blogspot.

Actually i read one of your prev post on gujju's and that was quite have a nice blog...

I think you should try semi-fictions like shanataram..u may like it..


Asterix said...

Three words -- Hard science fiction. For me, it is the most satisfying genre of books. If you haven't read any, you can begin with 2001: A Space Odyssey by Sir A.C. Clarke. Just make sure that you go for the Hugo/Nebula nominees rather than some random sci-fi book.

And vigorous affirmative nodding on the Love Aaj Kal comment.

Avantika A. said...

Mudra i can feel the pain. And i agree with u completely about morons who faff on about books like they ever go beyond Chicken Soup (if that!)
And yes, wanting recommendations on what to read!! Sheesh! I've actually had people say they couldnt read Kane and Abel and then went on to say how much they loved the other book i threw at them (the uber annoying Shopaholic series).

Oh and not content with being idiots, they have the nerve to make a joke about my (or any other honest reader) reading habits. Like its a disease or social gaffe! They dont realise my book is better company than them!

spruhal said...


Your mind seems exhausted... it shows in your writing.

Its strange how sometimes - you write absolutely brilliant stuff n sometimes you write absolute crap in which I struggle to find any meaning.

You've probably written your best works when you've felt inspired to do so. I'd recommend this - Work on creating that 'state of mind' in which you are inspired... So that you can write good stuff whenever you want.

And if you're totally lukkhaaa... READ MY BLOG !!!

spruhal said...

Oh n Wordpress is a good idea... But its ultimately what you write - the look of your blog or where you host it doesn't matter.

Sharanya said...

dude, i am going to cry into my pillow if u r not posting. so keep blogging, wherever that is :) :)
and really, u r super-intolerant :P :P what's more amusing than hearing junta talk about how 'rich dad poor dad' is the best book on earth ever? :D :D

Paradox Philic said...

Hmmm.. as long as you post something my suggestion stay here...

Cos if you dont post for a long time and wish to remain dead like i did.. people apparently remove you from their OOCBC :(

Jhayu said...

@ Muduu!!!!
NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!! Humein chhodke mat jaana! Yeh rang, yeh design! Iske bina hum ab jiyein kaise?
Ab kahin bhi yeh template dikhe, toh aisa lagta hai ,arre, yeh to hamari Muduu ka churaya hua hai!

No seriously, don't move. It's too much trouble to sync to a new url.

@ Gina.
Who removed you from their OOCBC?

Parijat said...

How about reading history? There are some people who've written history and still read like Jeffery Archer novels... (yes, they do exist).

And yes, wordpress is nice (unless you post over email, in which case it might be a little hard to set up).

??! said...

Tsk, tsk. We have to start you on SF&F then, don't we? It's the only genre worth reading (I kid, I kid).

But seriously, SF&F. You want some reco's? Here:
The 36-book Discworld series (and anything else by Pratchett).
The original 7 Foundation books.
The Rama series.
The Otherland series.
All the early Tom Holts.

That should keep you going for a couple of months. Come back for more.

koel said...

glad to see a post after such a long time. I thought I was one of the few people who don't like philosophical books. or who didn't think that the seven habits for ... was the greatest book, ever. Anyhoo, fantasy is a genre I have started reading recently and hv enjoyed. Johnathan Stroud's the Bartimeaus trilogy was very entertaining.

indiegurl said...

oh, this could have been me so easily..

btw - you've won a scholastic writing prize too? :D YAY and all, but WHAT is their obsession with bad american pre-teen-fic?!

cheers on the anarchy oriented childhood reading policy, that was mine too. Only way to read, really.

Re golliwogs, sweet valley, goosebumps (shudder) - been there, done those, and blushing at the memory. :D

On the reading crisis? Comic satire, darling. Works every time. Also some sci-fi (cos I don't do hard-core sci-fi.) Here is recommended list of authors -

Saki - the complete short stories
Stephen Fry - the liar
Terry Pratchett - ANYTHING :D
Sue Townsend - Adrian Mole series

The above should get you out of your reading funk. Then you can move on to heavier things.

Ok. OBSCENELY long comment. But i FELT for you on every effing count. :D

Paradox Philic said...

@ Jhayu - Well... both Mudra & you did :(.
But to be honest i dont blame you guys. I was dead for so long that even i lost hope of ever rising from there again!

aditi halan said...

haha. i love your blog ! and it's awesome to back back after a while.. and read 4 whole new posts =)
keep updating me!

mrigank warrier said...

i'm loving ur stuff!
i met a girl who called herself well-read. so i asked her what she reads. her answer? Harry Potter. may she RIP.