August 15, 2009


Thought for the Day: Why do blogs see a dip in activity on weekends, especially Sundays and public holidays?

Look at it logically. You're working on weekdays. So what are you doing? Blogging at work?! Or coming home all tired, and saying, "Okay, lemme write a hilarious post about Salman Khan!"

Is it the fact that on weekends you're not frustrated enough with your life to blog? Or maybe you're just sleeping?

How about the fact that even readership (i.e. number of hits) is higher (!) during the week. Which explains what your boss has suspected forever. That none of you are working, really.


I'm on my way to taking this blog back to what it was. Regular, short and devoid of sense/reason almost all the time.

I'm saying this now because making the disclaimer takes away:
- the guilt that usually goes with badly written pieces,
- the need to think before I write,
- the need to be politically correct,
- the need to be correct at all,
- the need to please an audience (!),
- the thinking and re-thinking before blogging

This feels good. :) Have a nice weekend. :)


Avantika A. said...

*Guilty look*
I think its more about how stuff happens on weekdays (meeting annoying people, going to annoying places, hearing annoying things etc) while on weekends you're closer to being in a vegetative state with brain activity close to nil. Not much to write about that now is there? :D

Asterix said...

This reader reads blogs seven days a week. And you may want to re-think the "pleasing the audience" part. If you don't, I will start leaving grammatically wrong comments in SMS lingo.

??! said...

Actually, this is not as weird as it may seem. I'd suggest that a large percentage of bloggers are people who are on their computers (and the Net) throughout or for large parts of the day. Like me. Which makes blogging another activity to do, like checking email and surfing and shopping.

And even for those who're not so computer-based, but are working, the weekend is something you keep free for parties and films and dinners and gardening and shopping for books.

arayans said...

looking forward to Asterix's lingo.. it'll be akin to a double treat, if Mudra does as she states in her post, and Asterix responds as promised..