August 19, 2009

I Have Seen Very Little of This Show But...

what strikes me as funniest about Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is that:

People on screen talk in English
Their lines are translated into Hindi
The translated Hindi line is written on the bottom of the screen
In English.

(Y'know, the English alphabet. Like if someone says I'd never eat that, what appears on the bottom of the screen is Main kabhi woh nah khaati - as opposed to मैं कभी वो नही खाती। - More power to Blogger, Hindi publishing etc.)

Check it out. Like, dude, exactly whom are you simplifying things for? The junta that knows only Hindi, but can read English?


~Lopa said...

hahaha, that is so funny... If one can read english, one will understand dialogues itself ! So stupid !

a traveller... said...

I missed that bit. But what I do find fascinating is that while the name of the show says get me out of here, the audience is being asked to vote to keep those twits in. At least name the show right.

Abhishek said...

ha ha ha ha.. I could never watch this show for more than 5 minutes at a stretch!

Talking of this translation, it is somewhat standard on all hindi GECs!

You never see such gems on bottom of screen? "Kya uska pati usko chhod ke chala jaaega? Dekhiye saas-bahu mein raat 11 baje" :)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...


Akshay said...

Muddu! okay this is going to be a long one..
it'll take me some time to catch up with all you've written over these years [a couple of years should do it :p]
yeah, like i said, the last one i read was the one about staplers and exams.

love the posts in 'Bits of Hatred'
I felt like stabbing someone..anyone..after reading one of them in particular.
ah.. the good thing is they ellicit this raw emotion in your readers. The pen is mightier than the sword. One can stab with both though. cool!

The one on gujjus.. L.O.L.
I love theplas and khakras too!

Obama and bob the builder. hehe.

love saturdays too!

keep writing muddu my man!
[or should i say 'our' man? since 83% of your readers think this blog is not written by a woman. :P

Akshay said...


ramesh said...

that's a sad fact, the anglicised transliteration of hindi ..for most city dwellers, after 10th standard there is hardly any exposure to hindi script .. and the only sources of regular reading, magazines and newspapers are generally all in english .. even in college the most holiest of hindi cows from the UP belt read english papers, so can't really blame the channel .. and we all speak terrible hindustani mixed with english words .. ah the pure hindi which some mates in college spoke was music to the ears ..