September 30, 2009

Thought For The Day

The true test of character isn't how well you stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself, in most cases, is just self-preservation - not necessarily bravery. The real test is whether you manage to stand up at all for someone else.

September 05, 2009

Things Every Person Should Know About The Harbour Line

1. If you can't cuss in Marathi, you should stand on the station and help people get onto the train that you want to get on.

2. The normal rules of civilisation (e.g. allow people to alight first and then get on) which you learnt on WR do not apply here. Whether you want to get on or get off, elbowing and pushing and screaming is the way to go.

3. Your shoulder bag is your weapon. Use it on people's faces.

4. Never, ever, let anyone go without a fight. Not only will you release your pent-up feelings, the others in the compartment will get some good old-fashioned masala entertainment. They can't turn their heads to look at you (because their necks are jammed between people's arms) but they will be able to hear "Maa-baap pe mat jaa!" and "Yedi" and so on. [Yes, Ladies dabba. Makes you wonder what happens in the general.]

5. If you're the kind who wonders why pedicures are important and why people can't take care of their own feet - travel on the Harbour line on a rainy day.

6. Don't count on anything. Trains may not stop where they are supposed to.

7. Use hair oil. It's the easiest way to express your hatred for womankind.


Among other news, I'm extremely gratified to find that Google searches for "ketan parekh birth chart" and "Jamvanu su chhe" have led people to this blog. I hope you are not disappointed. Aavjo...

September 03, 2009

Just a Thank-You Note

Dear God,

Thank you for helping me pass The Exam. (CA Level 2, for the rest of you)

I promise you, in return for you aseem kripa (because I don't see what else this could be), for the final level, I will be a good girl.

I will spend more time inside class than at the bookseller (who sells great fiction at good prices, by the way!) outside class.

I will not write down hilarious grammatical and logical errors made by profs at the back of my book for future reference. I understand that when I say they will help me remember better, I am actually just being a hypocritical child who wants cheap entertainment - not just now, but 5 months later too, when I will turn to the back pages of my book first to see what I wrote.

I will focus on the subject matter of my books. I will not write "LOL!" in the margins and flip through the book looking for LOLs.

I will not proofread. Pointless, and too much fun, really.

I will make notes. I will not hopelessly underline things I shall never read again.

I will read. I will not launch into what-if situations of great amusement but little productivity.

I will solve problems. Will not stop solving halfway, and write "Aaargh" in large letters over the page.

I will wake up.

I will not land up in Prithvi Cafe when I'm supposed to be studying.

I will not buy books I don't end up using.

I will not photocopy sections of textbooks 2 weeks before the exam, hoping to read them, and never managing to.

I will not question your existence by the logic of if-this-course-exists-it's-obvious-you-don't.

That's it, really.