September 03, 2009

Just a Thank-You Note

Dear God,

Thank you for helping me pass The Exam. (CA Level 2, for the rest of you)

I promise you, in return for you aseem kripa (because I don't see what else this could be), for the final level, I will be a good girl.

I will spend more time inside class than at the bookseller (who sells great fiction at good prices, by the way!) outside class.

I will not write down hilarious grammatical and logical errors made by profs at the back of my book for future reference. I understand that when I say they will help me remember better, I am actually just being a hypocritical child who wants cheap entertainment - not just now, but 5 months later too, when I will turn to the back pages of my book first to see what I wrote.

I will focus on the subject matter of my books. I will not write "LOL!" in the margins and flip through the book looking for LOLs.

I will not proofread. Pointless, and too much fun, really.

I will make notes. I will not hopelessly underline things I shall never read again.

I will read. I will not launch into what-if situations of great amusement but little productivity.

I will solve problems. Will not stop solving halfway, and write "Aaargh" in large letters over the page.

I will wake up.

I will not land up in Prithvi Cafe when I'm supposed to be studying.

I will not buy books I don't end up using.

I will not photocopy sections of textbooks 2 weeks before the exam, hoping to read them, and never managing to.

I will not question your existence by the logic of if-this-course-exists-it's-obvious-you-don't.

That's it, really.



Shrey said...

Considering you got such phatte marks with all that you did, it clearly is not a wise idea to do all of the above.

??! said...

So you're one of those are you? Clears all papers with super marks after weeks of flapping about and whining about how unprepared you are? Dislike much!

Pratz said...


Avantika A. said...

Cheers on the pass Mudra. Also, this letter reeks too much of resolutions made around Dec-Jan! :D Brilliant!!

Asterix said...

Hey congratulations! Your transformation into a geeky girl is complete :-)

And try not to follow too many of your resolutions.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...