October 04, 2009

And You Are?

Me: Hi, I'm Mudra.
Person: Oh okay. And you are...?
Me (nonplussed): Mudra...? [Mentally - "A girl?" "A CA student?" "A college student?" "Confused?"]
Person: No, I mean, what are you?
Me: Oh, I'm an intern.
Person: No, no, I know that, but... what's your surname?


Why do all movie theatres have plush entrances and escalators, and then want you to exit via a crowded narrow staircase with zero ventilation?


Who likes Govinda? Yes, I know it is considered extremely downmarket to admit it, but come on, don't you? Who else can do Kendi Paw! and Aunty No. 1 and itniii-khushi and amorous-chacha roles?


And oh oh. Who gives 12 (twelve!) Priyanka Chopras to 1 Harman Baweja?!


Will someone get The Perfect Bride off air? I know, democracy and free market and all that, but duuuuuuuuuude!


Oh and I watched about half an hour of Gunda. Man!


I'd get on Twitter if it was called something else. I'd also be able to tolerate zoozoos if they were called something else.



Avantika A. said...

Haha! I see you also take offence to be called a "twit"? or is it twitterers? Hmmmm :D

Pratz said...

well chuck twitter...blog more often.....

??! said...


(we are very unfunny)

Sharanya said...

I know...that Perfect Bride show is injurious to mental health :O :O
and dude, Govinda??! seriously? :P :P

aditi halan said...

who asked you what you are?
heh. blog more often!

Anonymous said...

"I'd get on Twitter if it was called something else."

And this on a post that reads like a series of tweets. But, yeah, I know. No one wants to be a twat.

The Quirky Indian said...

Well, we obviously don't know the answer to "what's in a surname?".

Spot on with the movie theatre observation. :-)


Quirky Indian

Asterix said...

As long as it was the first 30 minutes of Gunda, you saw the best part.

- Mera naam hai Bulla, main comment karta hoon khullam khulla.

Mihir said...

Dear Mudra,

If you don't join twitter, I will steal lines off your blog and tweet them (claiming the credit by default).


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Just wondering: So then you would get on Twitter if it was called zoozoo and tolerate zoozoo if it was called Twitter? :)

naween said...

Govinda and Gunda.. you sure are on the path to enlightenment :)

Mudra said...

@Avantika: It's more the fact that twittering is something that cute little birds do, really... :D

@Pratz: I try, man, I try.

@??!: Yes, we are indeed.

@Sharanya: Dude, yes! Watch him with an unbiased mind. I recommend Haseena Maan Jaayegi.

@Aditi: Someone at a client office.

@Anon: You bet.

@QI: Thanks :)

@Rahul: Yes, it was! :D Bloody brilliant, I say!

@Mihir: Good God. I'm being threatened on my own blog.

@Karthik: Er, no...?!

@Naween: And loving it! :D

Mihir said...

Yes you are :P

And didn't your blog have "X people will get chocolates" thing instead of "X comments"? What happened to that?

Peru said...

"Mehta.. Muddu Mehta.. I drive a Qualis. Bol.. Tu kya hai?"


When I read your post after about 5 hours of 'reading' Financial Management theory, I can say I mustn't entirely give up on 'reading'. Haha..but Hurrmann can so dance!

I love Chi Chi & I need to watch Gunda. Get a DVD. Now!

Tweet na! But Zoozoos rule ya.. I swear theatres ki toh..kya first impression jamaane ki koshish karte hain sab ke sab.. We should judge them by their exit routes, really..

Cheers. Keedas. Peace. Tah!

Keetarp Aidonak said...

If I am not mistaken, the line in that song is 'kehdi, Pump up the Jam' :D

riddhi said...

Gunda- :D jokes apart it is the best movies ever made.. auusome..
zoozoo and twitter- funny :P
perfect bride- aaargh.. agreed
govinda- i like.. as in used to.. haseena man jayegi...pak chik pak raja babu ..
:) nice post mudra... mudra ...?

Mudra said...

@Mihir - I ran out of chocolates. ;) And I'm cheap about these things. So there. :D

@Peru - Good point! Try karna padega!

@Kannu - That's the thing. I know it's Pump Up the Jam, but it doesn't sound anything like it...!

@Riddhi - Thanks. "mudra ...?" What?

Jellicle Cat said...

arre do not be seduced by the twitter! twitter makes people stop blogging. and tweets are too small to replace a proper blogpost.

twenty appetisers not equal to one gujarati thali.

live2cherish said...

I love to read your blogs.