November 06, 2009

Return From The Dead - Umpteenth

You go off on a vacation for 6 days, you come back, you read your email, you check Facebook, you transfer your pictures from cameras and phone cameras to the PC, you catch up on the blogs you read... And you're ready for a vacation again. :P

Enough has been happening, but most of it is not stuff I will put up here. Actual reason for not posting here is simply that I have nothing to write about. Ta-da! That's it. I don't right now either, but hey, I like attention, and if I stop posting, you stop commenting, and we can't have that happening, can we?

In the meanwhile:

I'm on Twitter. Do not follow. There is nothing to follow. The day that account has stuff for you to read, I will unveil (!) it here. Properly. With just the right amount of self-praise and deprecation.

I'm also watching Bigg Boss 3. Just like all of you. Oh c'mon. You do. Yes? *nudge* Don't you? *nudge* Of course you do. *nudge*

Which is why I draw your attention to the sheer brilliance of a show where Raju Srivastava tells Rohit Verma, "FD? [Fixed Deposit i.e.] Tere FD mein dupatton ke alaava kuch hai?" This, fresh on top of some legen -wait for it- dary (Yes, I've fallen prey to that sitcom as well) bai-acting from RS, megalomania from Vindoo, mood swings from Mr Irani, desperate Hindi-cramming from Claudia Somethingortheother, much tobacco-chewing by Ismail Darbar and absolutely wonderful la-di-da behaviour from Poonam Dhillon. This Bigg Boss kicks every previous Bigg Boss' posterior. (Have seen 1, haven't seen 2, but that's neither here nor there.)

Promos for 3 Idiots are out. I lowe. It has all the effervescence of a mainstream college flick. (Also I really like all 3 lead actors since a looooong time. Not as much as the more obvious ones - but there's something very endearing about Sharman Joshi & Madhavan.) God knows what the movie's like, though. A small voice in my head is going, Whatever it is, it can't *ruin* the book. Though you have to admit - there's something about a guy who can make an entire generation read something, even if it's just 1 book in 10 years.

Meanwhile, vacation picture:

Aaaaaand what else?

PS. Blog is 3 years old. (And a few months, but I just realised so, er, whatever.) Mail your chocolates, food, Hrithik Roshans and so on to me. I'll pass them on to the blog. While exercising my discretion, of course.


Spaz Kumari said...

Indulge a slightly obsessive grammar nerd this once - "I really like all 3 lead actors since a looooong time.", should be, i think, "I've really liked all the 3 lead actors for a looooong time."

Just a since/for mixup. Also, Twitter? et tu? naheeeeeeeeeen... i am losing all the blogs i read to twitter!

cute n confused said...

well,now that ur back, i look forward to reading some more absolutely amazing sarcasm..

Pratz said...

nice pic... happy birthday to the blog!!!

Pratz said...

...rather "belated happy birthday" :P

Avantika A. said...

I think BB is fun in a morbid sort of manner. The husband regularly threatens to leave me...but i cant take my eyes off the dupatta clad queen!!

And vacation pic looks fab :)

Spaz Kumari said...



Aditi said...

Yea, write more!
Also, where'd you go?

Roma said...

honest. humourous. Happy birthday "R&H"!!

Sharanya said...

waah waah, Mauritius eh? Eshtunning :) :)

Rakesh said...

he he, I'm lovin it... Your blog I mean.

Discovered it thru the CA post but this is a lot more fun

Yeah, BB3 is good and with more and more ppl confessing it, suddenly, it is uncool to not like it :P

Cheers !