December 13, 2009

You Must Be a CA Student If...

- When someone says "UPA", you don't think of Manmohan Singh, or Sonia Gandhi, or the United Progressive Alliance.

- When you talk to people studying anything else and complaining about how tough it is, you just about manage to adopt an understanding expression. In your mind, though, you're going, "Blah blah blah blah blaaaaah!"

- When you see people in cafes on weekday afternoons (if you happen to be commuting from one office to another - and of course you do that a lot) you get this feeling of jealousy. So you console yourself by thinking that 3 years down, you'll have paisa and they won't. Somewhere in your mind, of course, you know that's a lie.

- You're in Andheri East or at Dadar at 7 a.m.

- You're at Andheri or Dadar station at 10 a.m., running.

- You pretend to like what you're doing.

- You can fool non-finance people into believing that you know everything there is to know about taxes, the law, costing, and management.

- You don't fool anyone in your office.

- But you don't care, because everyone uses Google.

- You don't understand most of the budget. But you pretend you do.

- You care more about Kangna Ranaut than the Economic Times. But you won't admit it. Ever!

- You get a secret joy out of making people twice your age run around for you because you're an "auditor". (And the fact that they hate you is something you are proud of.)

- If you're in Bombay, you're Gujarati or Marwari. You could be a South Indian or a Maharashtrian, but you'd just be an oddity then.

- You tell younger people not to pick CA. You forget that someone else told you that, 3 years ago, and you didn't listen.

- You know who JK Shah is. Heck, over the years, his building has become your home.

- You complain about how much CA classes cost. But you won't enrol for the Insti's coaching.

- Your wardrobe of casuals has 5 shirts. That sustains you without repetition for over a month.

- You're in college. At least, well, according to the college's records you are.

- Every place you pick to go to with other CA friends is located near a railway station. Always. (Unless it's Sunday.)

- Your idea of a Sunday is to wake up late and not do anything. Needless to say, JK Shah and college ensure that that won't happen.

- You laugh at college exams and the level of the university's teaching. But somehow, you never manage to ace any of those exams.

Non-articles (yes, that's what we are, don't run from the name, what can you do, it's there, it'll stick) you won't get most of this. It's okay. You're in a good place in life, believe me. :D


Updated to add: Inspired from here.