March 01, 2010

This Blog Talks About Movies All The Time!

I watched Karthik Calling Karthik today. Now, given the fact that there's Farhan in it, there's not much criticism you can expect to see here. To be fair though, even if it was SRK, I'd say it's a decent movie. However, Farhan Akhtar makes it a very good movie. Slow in parts, but that's made up for by Akhtar's acting.

Basic premise everyone knows. Karthik is a loser (who, by the way, is a CA! Haha CAs! Stand up straight, smile, look everyone in the eye and most importantly, look yourself in the eye - and tell yourself, "I'm a CA. Farhan's a CA. So I too can be awesome. QED.") His boss (Ram Kapoor, of Swayamwar fame, dependably OTT but with an interesting snarl) yells at him all day, his landlord annoys him, and the love of his life (Deepika Padukone, absolute *yawn* all over again) doesn't know he's alive.

What's that? How is she the love of his life? Well, like in every 2nd Hindi movie, they haven't spoken a word to each other. But he knows he's in love with her. (These are the same Hindi movies who frown upon lust as a bad thing.) Oh and he writes emails that he will never send to her.

The emails we're talking about, are like the secret dream of a 13 year old girl who reads too much Twilight. Maybe it's as well that he doesn't send them.

But I digress. Yeah, so Karthik boy is a loser until his alter ego steps into his life and helps him take over. So Karthik does, and woohoo, he's become a stud now. Gets the girl, gets a raise, refurnishes his apartment and all is well.

Then he tells the girlfriend about the phone calls, all hell breaks loose, phone freaks out several people, and it goes on. Won't bore you with the details.

What's interesting is that everyone asks Karthik what he does in that office of his. No one asks Deepika Padukone, because her job, apparently, is to walk in and out of the office at irregular hours, wearing designer clothes and looking slim as a willow. Yes, lady, you're pretty. Please put it to some use, will you? Every Deepika Padukone movie sort of merges into the other, or am I the only one who thinks so?


Also, trailer for Kites. Now I hate (HATE) to say this, but it looks bloody retarded. Hrithik Roshan, for your sake I hope this movie isn't as terrible as it seems. Also, Rehab blogged about how the trailer is just wrong at many levels, and now that I've seen it, I agree.