October 01, 2010

What is with

...Ms. Dutt's makeover?

What spawned an entire generation of FabIndia-loving, consciously artsy-looking, asexual but appealing journalists is now wearing some kind of a bob, getting her face made up and looking somewhat Chinese.

I'm sorry, but I liked the earlier one better. Non-airbrushed, hardly wearing jewellery and definitely not wearing makeup all over her face.

Of course, like everyone else, I liked the earlier one better also because she wasn't discussing futile issues, trying to incite people, fingering families of dead people and creating drama where there was none.

I also liked the earlier one better because it was as if you can't figure if she fitted the stereotype so well, or the stereotype came from her - you know, Stephen's education, journo scholarships, coverage of something really important, breaking the glass ceiling, care-a-damn attitude about how it seems to have someone with a pimple reading the news to you, the willingness to go anywhere and do anything for news that matters, so on and so forth.

Ah well. There's always been, and will always be, Prannoy Roy.

Oh, have I mentioned that I resent (and when I say resent, I mean resent!) the fact that she allows herself to be made distinctly fairer than she is. Because I do.

(Image courtesy NDTV and Femina (duh!))


Abhishek said...

So damn right! Yesterday I watched in quite a surprise the madeup Barkha Dutt in what looked like a designer kurta!

Anonymous said...

an article in toi-crest today about how a white lady fails to come to terms with india's fascination with fair skin. she goes on to talk about how she and a lot of other white people would rather use a skin darkening cream if there was one. like they say, the grass is greener on the other side.
i for one find the promotion of such products absolutley disgusting. Appreciate aishwarya rai for refusing L'oreal's adv for a fairness cream which was eventually lapped up(maybe literally) by sonam kapoor.
yes barkha dutt, you stink.

Avantika A. said...

She's sold her soul. Gone over to the dark side. And is probably heir to its throne.

Sushant said...

Glad to see you've come around. I'm probably part of a small minority, but I never was one for barkha-duttism, not even when I thought what she was reporting was good. Also, as always feminism has proven itself to be unsustainable. (Before anyone who sees this pulls out a dagger, I'm all for equality but strongly against more inequality to counter inequality.)

amit v said...

The stereotype didn't come from her, kid: that you think so just shows how young you are! ;)

Reliable sources inform me, btw, that Barkha was sometimes called 'Barkha Butt' in college. So there's always been more to her than meets the eye.

And c'mon, never grudge a woman the chance to be prettified and made to look hot for a magazine cover. Who would say no to that? Would you?

Asterix said...

Oh come on! give the poor woman her vanity, would you. She is battling mid-life crisis after all.