October 26, 2010

You Could Build A Mansion

...or a chalet or a villa.

But it takes Mukesh Ambani to build A Monstrosity.

The Ambani residence

While I will not deny the man his right to construct a 27-storey house that houses 5 family members and 600 staffers, does he have to make it look like that? By that, I mean Tetris Monster, who was born out of a game that ended chaotically in Level 1. Tetris Monster is horribly ugly, has sharp glass teeth and devours innocent little children who get too close to the monster. (He also looks like all your failures at Tetris, merged vertically into a never-ending pillar of gaps and wrong blocks - if you're an adult.)

I'm sure the monster, in reality, is a shiny building with so many lights burning at any point of time that even the average mindnumbed 5-year-old will look up from his game on Mommy's iPhone and go, "Au!" happily. But show him a picture of the same house (as shown above) and he will probably spend the rest of his life in terror of Tetris in particular, video games in general, and shapes in... er... even more general.

And to the parents of the one kid in a thousand who likes this picture, please please please don't let him be an architect when he grows up?

October 01, 2010

What is with

...Ms. Dutt's makeover?

What spawned an entire generation of FabIndia-loving, consciously artsy-looking, asexual but appealing journalists is now wearing some kind of a bob, getting her face made up and looking somewhat Chinese.

I'm sorry, but I liked the earlier one better. Non-airbrushed, hardly wearing jewellery and definitely not wearing makeup all over her face.

Of course, like everyone else, I liked the earlier one better also because she wasn't discussing futile issues, trying to incite people, fingering families of dead people and creating drama where there was none.

I also liked the earlier one better because it was as if you can't figure if she fitted the stereotype so well, or the stereotype came from her - you know, Stephen's education, journo scholarships, coverage of something really important, breaking the glass ceiling, care-a-damn attitude about how it seems to have someone with a pimple reading the news to you, the willingness to go anywhere and do anything for news that matters, so on and so forth.

Ah well. There's always been, and will always be, Prannoy Roy.

Oh, have I mentioned that I resent (and when I say resent, I mean resent!) the fact that she allows herself to be made distinctly fairer than she is. Because I do.

(Image courtesy NDTV and Femina (duh!))