April 23, 2011

On the Marvels of Modern Movie-Making

So thanks to the World Cup, school exams and IPL and god-knows-what-else, the movie industry has either been releasing nothing or launching one dud after another. Hollywood also, for some reason, has been sending rubbish our way. Dum Maaro Dum comes at a time when people are sick of looking at Telugu and animated movies on BookMyShow. And frankly, its timing is probably the only reason it'll do well. Smart.

The movie-makers would have you believe that Deepika Padukone is in this movie. After all, she shows up at those press things, and talks on every damn channel about it.

Don't buy it.

The woman's there, in a 4-minute item number which would have been better if left to Yana Gupta. The lyrics would have been better if they were simply beeped out and a -1 track played.
(Side Note: Dear Padukone, With your kind of star power you couldn't spend your time on anything better than this song and holding a flask of cold coffee while you move?)

The movie-makers would also have you believe that this movie is stylish and a visual treat.

Maybe it is. But there is only so much of drug-induced haze you're willing to tolerate on screen, especially when the story isn't moving the way it should.

The movie pretends to have a story and logic.

If the audience cared enough, it'd find the holes.

Someone streams live video in HD on an Edge connection.

I want.

The director takes Anurag Kashyap's style of filmmaking and adds his own spin to it, trying to make it *gritty* and *stylish*.

And good God, it is crass.

Bipasha Basu needs a comeback.

Unfortunately no one cares.

Abhishek Bachchan wants to prove he has more than 1 expression.

And he fails badly.

Vidya Balan should sue them. She has more screen time and more to do than Padukone. No mention or publicity to her.

Why? Haan? Tell why? (Answer: Movie-makers are mercenary idiots, and Padukone is publicity-hungry creature wonly, no sense of ethics left wonly in this industry, what to do, saar.)


This blog's popularity just went from 0 to negative, thanks to the Padukone comments. :D

Updated to add - Forgot to mention, Prateik is quite, quite brilliant yet again.


The Blue Periwinkle said...

I was planning to watch it.
Not any more.

Abhishek said...

I would want to disagree with you on this. Abhishek Bachchan is perhaps the best thing in this movie,mainly because other characters have been written quite shoddily. Prateik does well but then he is in his comfort zone of 'seedha-saadha maasoom ladka with what is happening to me' character.

Story is almost non-existent but the suspense of who is the Kalmadi-in-chief of this Conwealth Game has been executed well. Ofcourse screenplay is erratic but I liked that :)

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL @ "This blog's popularity just went from 0 to negative, thanks to the Padukone comments. :D"

I remember once I blogged about how much I preferred Shah Rukh Khan to Amitabh Bachchan who I thought was an MCP, and had to face his fan's disapproval :) Now I think Abhishek Bachchan does have more than one expression on his face :)