June 05, 2011

Yes, You Will Get Older

And your friends will stop dancing the drunk-baraati dance.

You'll stop eating dosas at the stalls, and have reunions at fine dining restaurants.

Some of them will inexplicably take to jazz. Or feng shui. Or marrying.

Enjoying Govinda movies will be looked down upon. Or remembered indulgently with a "We were so silly then!" Some people will start throwing names of Japanese filmmakers around.

Cutting chai will be replaced by green tea. Chocolate (any chocolate), by hand-made chocolates, or Swiss chocolates, or truffles (what in God's name are they?), or -even worse- cream-filled chocolates where they bung in a pile of yellow cream with a 0.01 mm layer of chocolate to cover it.

Birthdays will become about painful (and painstaking) reciprocity, instead of show-up-and-rob-of-available-money.

Some will compare husbands and wives. Many will compare money.

Most of you will do all those things to your kids, which you told each other you'd never do when you have kids.

Some will unabashedly kiss posteriors. The rest will do it with some embarrassment.

Superiority and inferiority complexes will happen. Commonalities will fade.

I'm sorry, there isn't a last redeeming line of hope. Or maybe there is. Yes?


a traveller said...

But those reunions, no matter how fine the dining becomes, will still be as loud and fun as they ever were. Touchwood.


Anonymous said...

no no no .. it will all be the same.. shhh..
except may be tht marriage part..

Undertaker(s) said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog. You're so witty and sarcastic and I can totally relate to that :)

Anil P said...

Commonalities will fade, yes. But if it means for taking up Jazz, then so be it.

The Obscure Intellect said...

The only good thing about growing older would be to grow up once again, this time vicariously, through your kids :)

Abhishek said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for reinforcing all my fears of adulthood X-(

Zeba said...

Right. The little glimmer of hope that was lighting my horizon. I don't see it anymore. Thank you.


rahul aggarwal said...

as you grow old, you become more mature and with maturity you leave behind things of the past when you were young and learn new things...

1 will not drink green tea when he's 18 right...?

so everything has a time and age...to come!!!


xyzandme said...

Old is gold which is too cheap to be sold.

hateindadverts said...

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While the women in Bollywood may no longer be portrayed as self-sacrificing door-mats, they still have to look sizzling hot most of the times. Although men have also started doing item numbers, the number is still less.

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hateindadverts said...

the above is from an article on msn.

Nefertiti said...

impromptu goa trips will be replaced by vacations in europe...

tattered shorts will gie way to three-piece suits...

cheap old monk will be poured away in favour of old wine...

real people will become wannabes...

love this post and love the blog