October 19, 2011

Are You A Super Cheerful Social Being?

Are you happiest when at a table of 20? Do you look forward to occasions with extended family? Is talking to people what makes you happiest?

Good for you.

But. Are you also one of those people who think that being quiet is a disease? Or, literally, a case of not being at ease?

If so, I sincerely (really, truly, desperately) hope you will read this:

6 Misleading Assumptions You Make About Quiet People

I'm hoping this article will put an end to the people who jolt me out of half-slumber at dinner tables, saying "Arre Mudra! You're toh not saying anything only!"

Because... here's what. If you were going full-steam on a conversation with everyone, and I suddenly interrupted it to say, "Dude! You're not shutting up only!", that'd be met with a stunned look. How rude that girl is, no? 

And if you do understand that, understand this - when you do it to me, it's just as rude.

Have a nice day.

October 05, 2011

Thought for the day

Being a man means never being too old to be irresponsible.

(I thought of this. Really! I surprise myself... about once a year.)

October 04, 2011


For most of us, the world feels like a huge place where you move in a daze from point to point - with voices (clear voices or vague voices, inside your head or outside, in front of you or in shadows) shouting at you to "do something useful!" when all you want to do is the exact opposite.

That's what I hope, at least.