January 31, 2012

Freedom of choice is just a word (or three)

Once upon a time, in a land not far from where you are (right where you are, in fact) was a different world. It didn't have the internet, or Rajdeep Sardesai, or this newfangled concept of your life being an *open book*.

I could be biased here, but I think it was interesting, for starters.

You couldn't go to a museum knowing what was inside. You couldn't travel to a foreign country with a street view in your palm.

No checking of menu before trying a new restaurant.

No videos of how it actually feels to be a bungee jumper.

Not even any articles on life in Delhi, when you considered moving.

No tweets by movie stars with bad grammar, about their breakfasts. No unwanted information on the two hours spent in makeup.

No second-guessing by friends and family. No zillionth point of reference for your life, reducing you and everyone else to the greatest common denominator.

No ready voice in the background, telling you why you're wrong. No body of proof, ready to be drawn from Google, twenty friends and eleven relatives.

No nth album of Goa pictures, or wedding pictures, out there to prove to you that no matter how shiny and perfect you thought yours was, someone's was better.

No location tagging. No tedious updates about who is where, especially when you're at home on a Saturday night.

No outrage wars, no empty protest marches, no instant activism for the generation with an attention deficit.


Yes, this blog is becoming a little too philosophical. I promise the next post will cover all the usuals: Uday Chopra, Gujjus, blonde women, SRK, Rakhi Sawant... you get the drift.


Live2cherish said...

Nor was a blog space where you could express your freedom of speech/text :)

Love the PS. Uday chopra???, hehehhe.

Shekhar said...

~smiles~ I smiled right through the post as it has been just over a month since I quit Twitter and deactivated my Facebook account. The blog, the Test match compared to the T20 that Twitter is, continues to survive though.

प्रतीक माहेश्वरी said...

That world is gone with the wind. Ah leave it. don't get senti n all. chillax :)

Mohit Sureka said...

haha. i have been there, i leave social media apps, internet for a few day and enter the rehab. But the addictions creep their way back in, the mystery around life gets blown out and the comfort zone wins!

Ps: the last paragraph was the punch of the post. but still, Uday Chopra. :P