June 10, 2012

Of aunties and their lives

I can't count the number of times a lady somewhere has said something on the lines of, I have to go home because X can't eat / be served / cook / be woken up / work without me. What's more interesting is that there's always a sense of pride behind this. (We all know the exasperated-but-smug "Mere bina toh kuch hota hi nahi iss ghar mein". Look, I'm indispensable.)

Is this an Indian thing? To be proud of the fact that your grown male (usually a husband or a son) is incapable of achieving the simplest of tasks by himself? Somehow, I've never heard a woman be proud that her daughter can't microwave her own dinner. That kind of thing would be remedied quickly... So that, I suppose, the daughter can then be indispensable to her husband and son in the future. :P

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Avantika A. said...

The number of times i've thought about this in relation to the inlaws is not even funny! Of course, the FiL is very surprised to see his sons in the kitchen, helping out. We're the evil girls who make his boys work! :P