August 05, 2012

Things Get Worse Here At The Blog

With all due respect to all of you out there,

Bear in mind that I love Amit Trivedi as much as any of you. I am also a fan of this song and how it fits into the movie, and the playback, yada yada. Also largely because I love all cheap Bollywood songs that do something even a little different. (I draw the line at Pritam Pyaare though. Everyone's gotta have some standards).

Now, keep an open mind. I would like to present to you the sureshot song of the next Navratri season (yes, that time of year when us Gujjus get decked up, stand in queues and spend actual money to dance in a circle -or just watch- in a large, smelly, crowded open space which could be anything from a stadium to a banquet hall for twenty people). This song is a sureshot song of Navratri because it requires no modifications or remixing - especially if you keep an open mind till the chorus. The signs of inherent-garba-worthiness start around 00:20 and continue to the end of the song.

Then again, Amit Trivedi is Gujju. In the end it all makes sense.

(I don't know why the uploader labelled this "Official New Item Song". Mind boggles to think that there's a Quality Commission for Item Songs, which certifies them as inappropriate enough and decides which one is worthy enough to be the "Official New" one.)


Nefertiti said...

totally with you there, even from a non-gujju standpoint. love item songs, especially this one!

Anonymous said...

Good one..however have u seen this one ? nt exactly a item song..its a trailer..just have a go in case u havent already..