September 17, 2012

It's not a Car, It's a Caaaaar

Yep. Nissan Sunny. It's not a car. It's a caaaaar.

If you have a radio on your phone, or in your car, you've heard this one. And hundreds of others. Radio ads are fascinating and repulsive, simultaneously, mostly because they make you wonder who writes them and for whom. But just like songs from Jism 2 (or Murder 2? Raaz 2? Raaz 3? They're all interchangeable.), you can't get away from them because at least once an hour, all radio channels have joined hands to play the same thing at the same time. And except on AR Rahman's birthday, this hand-joining is usually for a disastrous song or 5 disastrous adverts.

Like the one that tells you that on Wednesdays, you can call all Uninor customers for close to free. So hurry, make those calls. Yeah, those two calls.

Or the one that pushes you to find out why Vaishnav parivaar wants to get their bahu married.

Or the really shady gold bank that wants you to give them all your gold to get a loan. And they're this close to saying "Come to me... Myyy preciousssssss."

Or the ad that just says "Trust your doctor. Amra remedies, bringing sunshine to every hope." Excuse me? What's your product?

Then there's the bizarre one about a firang (or ABCD?) trying to make sense of Ganeshotsav, but then he has a Nikon Coolpix. End of ad. Go get one. All the hapless hippies have one.

In the midst of the stupid cacophony of shrieky women and overconfident men (and we're not even talking about RJs yet, those guys are insane), is the average frazzled commuter actually expected to buy something? When you catch him in the worst hours of his day, and lie blatantly to him, what results are you getting?

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