March 26, 2013

Because there hasn't been a post in a while

Every sitcom has a phase where its renewal for another season is greeted with joy from fans. Then it slides into that phase where they tell you it's renewed, and you want to stab someone.

Girls, please get married all you want but do please retain your surnames on Facebook. My mind is a complete blank nowadays when generic first names come up with generic surnames and I start thinking maybe there's a bug somewhere. 

I am underwhelmed by the Bombay Talkies trailer. *Gasp* Yes, I did just say that.

That ad about Bande Achhe Hain gets on my nerves. First off, for a very long time, it was unheard of to call guys "Bande". This is not Delhi. Furthermore, no one is disputing that your husband/boyfriend/dad is awesome but you, too, have the power to buy insurance. Just saying. FYIA and all that.

A movie on a weekday evening costs Rs. 180. Same show, on a weekday that is a public holiday, costs Rs. 350. I don't know whether I should laud this undoubtedly capitalistic move, or cry myself to sleep about having a job. 

IPL is coming again. You know what this means, right? A match every day, people wearing those IPL jerseys, traffic jams outside Wankhede, no movies releasing, nothing on TV, and more of Shah Rukh Khan. I must end this post here and go slap someone.